At Aeres Training Centre International we go out of our way to help our students succeed in the poultry, pigs, or feed industry. From the proper care of the animals and their environment to choosing the best livestock and breeding. To formulating and producing properly processed compound feeds with the desired nutrient levels to ensuring that the food produced is safe for human consumption. To give you a glimpse into how students view our training programmes and courses, please take a minute to read some of the reviews from a few of our former students.

Mujib ur rahman Shami about his experiences

My experiences have been amazing. I learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time. Aeres Training Centre International is a very welcoming place, this started the first day I came here. In nine months of studying I made new friends from different background and nationalities.

Different classes

My classes were interesting, especially Poultry husbandry. The depth and detail of what we were learning are far beyond my previous experience. It is just amazing to think that even the tiniest details on the economic level can have such an impact The Animal feed classes are also interesting because it made me realize how important different formulations are for animals.


When I was studying in Barneveld I also started learning the Dutch language. Learning a new language is challenging but rewarding. The course load is intense so time management is essential.

Virgina Kahuthia about her experiences

The expectation I had when I came here was to gain knowledge and skills on animal feed formulation, which I have gained more than I expected. The experience is one of its kind since I started learning by doing, which is the best way to acquire knowledge, as it accounts 90% of the things which somebody can never forget.


For the coming students I have the following advise: stay focused to gain the knowledge for personal growth, and for the sake of your countries development. Lastly, I'm grateful for all support I received here, I will forever remain grateful.