For motivated people Aeres Training Centre International offers a rich learning environment with all conditions to acquire essential knowledge and skills to significantly upgrade technical and economic results in poultry production.

The focus is always on application of the course content. So besides classes, practicals and applied management of poultry units, trainees are challenged to process the acquired experience from Aeres TCI into a plan to be used back at home, to immediately be able to benefit from the training at Aeres Training Centre International.

Poultry learning topics

  • Production assessment
  • Poultry management (brooding, rearing, laying, broilers)
  • Nutrition
  • Housing and equipment
  • Economics
  • Health and more

Layer farmer, Nigeria

”After the training I have improved my farm, this resulted in improved health, less mortality and an increased production.”, Gyenome

Poultry, tailor made training 



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