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Access2Finance is a considerable constraint to growth for small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. Formal external sources of finance are particularly hard to access, often due to a lack of adequate business planning for company investments and growth projects.

Agricultural training & extension

Learn how to plan and train on approaches and techniques, to develop and implement extension plans with farmers and extension workers with the study "Agricultural training & extension"

Applied pig management

Applied pig management: learn how to handle primary livestock products, care for the pig housing and environment, and analyse farm results for improved production.

Applied poultry management

Learn how to handle primary livestock products, care for the poultry housing and environment, and analyze farm results for improved production with the study "Applied poultry management"

Breeding, reproduction management, A.I. and pregnancy diagnosis

Learn how to select dairy cows and bulls, develop (cross) breeding plans, detect heat, perform A.I. and P.D., and record information with the course "Breeding, reproduction management, AI and pregnancy diagnosis"

Dairy cattle nutrition, forage production and conservation

Learn how to devise forage production plans, prepare silage, work out rations, feed dairy cows, and rear calves and young stock with the study "dairy cattle nutrition, forage production and conservation"

Dairy farm management, economics and housing of dairy cattle

Learn how to calculate gross margin, create dairy farm budgets, analyse performance, and develop business plans for the setup of new dairy farms with the course "dairy farm management, economics and housing of dairy cattle"

Dairy farming and entrepreneurship

Learn how to rear calves and young stock, develop breeding plans, perform AI and PD, design cow barns, and milk cows in various ways with the study "dairy farming and entrepreneurship"

Incubation and (broiler) parent stock management

Learn how to give advice about incubation, breeder management and hatching relationship, breakout and chick quality, and calculate hatchery capacity, with the study "Incubation and (broiler) parent stock management"

International diploma feed

Learn how to formulate and produce compound feeds with the desired nutrient levels, and develop a plan for the compound feed production with the programme "International diploma animal feed"