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  • Programme

Scholarship: apply before 19 October 2019 if you want to take part in this course with a scholarship (OKP or MSP).

Alternative funding: if you are applying with alternative (own) funding you can apply up to 2 months prior to the start of the programme.

This programme is gearded towards:

  • owners and managerial staff of private, public, or cooperative dairy farms.
  • dairy training institute staff
  • extension workers,
  • staff of advisory services who deal with all management aspects of dairy farms. 

These training themes are included throughout this programme:

  • Assessment of dairy cow breeds; their advantages and disadvantages
  • Traits of commercial dairy cows
  • Judging and analysis conformation of cows
  • Catalog analysis and selection of breeding bull
  • Designing a breeding plan for commercial dairy farms
  • Using “genomics” in selection of breeding bulls and farm animals
  • Key performance indicators to assess quality of dairy cow herds/ breeding management
  • Fertility management on dairy farms
  • Heat detection, use of sensors in heat detection
  • Key performance indicators for assessment of fertility levels on dairy farms
  • Artificial insemination theory and practice
  • Pregnancy diagnosis theory and practice
  • Maintaining breeding and fertility records, calculation of key performance indicators