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Applied pig management

Applied pig management: learn how to handle primary livestock products, care for the pig housing and environment, and analyse farm results for improved production.

Applied poultry management

Learn how to handle primary livestock products, care for the poultry housing and environment, and analyze farm results for improved production with the study "Applied poultry management"

Incubation and (broiler) parent stock management

Learn how to give advice about incubation, breeder management and hatching relationship, breakout and chick quality, and calculate hatchery capacity, with the study "Incubation and (broiler) parent stock management"

International pig management

Learn how to manage or supervise pig production with the study International pig management. From smaller back-yard systems to intensive, large-scale pig farming set ups.

International pig management & feed production

Learn how to share your knowledge clearly about pig husbandry skills, technology, and the proper use of feed with the programme "International pig management & feed production"

International poultry management

Learn how to manage or supervise poultry production, and identify, recognize, and analyze opportunities and problems with the programme "International poultry management"

International poultry management & feed production

This programme teaches you how to work within a multi-disciplined team for successful poultry husbandry and the use of local feedstuffs with the programme "International poultry management and feed production"

Outbreak management

Learn about the meaning, consequences and prevention of outbreak management in poultry housing and the environment. The theory as well as the practical knowledge are implemented in this course.

Pig breeding & artificial insemination

Learn how to collect and prepare the semen, detect heat for insemination, detect pregnancy in sows, and develop a solid breeding strategy with the study "pig breeding & artificial insemination".

Pig farm manager

Learn how to calculate cost price, analyze a pig enterprise, make an investment plan, and design and implement health control and biosecurity with the study "Pig farm manager"