A new release of the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes


As of August 2017 the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) entered a new phase as a new programme under the name KOP (Knowledge development programme).


The programme aims to advance the development of the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and institutions. Aeres Training Centre International, former PTC+, offers different training programmes with the focus on practical training, learning by doing, which are eligible for this scholarship.

What is new?

There is a new provisional country list. The November 2017 Short Course deadline is open for candidates from 28 partner countries. In the first KOP round there will be scholarships for Short Courses, with an application deadline of November 2017.

Further information regarding the other KOP countries and expected future deadlines may change, so stay tuned for more details lateron.

Aeres Training Centre International offers different possibilities to apply for a scholarship as short course. The following training programmes are qualified:

  • Poultry production technology
  • Pig production technology
  • Product quality & food safety
  • International diploma feed
  • Training & extension
  • Dairy farming and entrepreneurship
  • Milk processing and entrepreneurship
  • Dairy cattle nutrition, forage production and conservation
  • Breeding, reproduction management, AI and pregnancy diagnosis
  • Dairy farm management, economics and housing of dairy cattle

You can also apply with your own financial means or funding by sponsor. For more information see the checklist on our website or contact office.atc.international@aeres.nl.

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