The launch of a brand new training; Access2Finance


Innovations and development of companies in the livestock sector are slowed down due to the fact that the financial and economic aspects of the technical and operational improvements are not adequately addressed. Investments in new facilities and production improvements require a thorough assessment of the financial viability and economic feasibility before these can be approved and implemented.

The development and implementation of the Masterclass Access to Finance will be a joint effort between AeresTraining Centre International and Advance Consulting ( AeresTraining Centre Internationa lwill focus on the recruitment and selection of the participants and will provide the venue and facilities for the international participants. In addition PTC+ will provide the expertise on the technical aspects of livestock business development in emerging economies. Advance Consulting will provide the expertise for the development and implementation of most of the course sessions.

If you are interested, you can find more information on our trainingoffer page. Click here for more information on Access2Finance and stay tuned!

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