Calls for Q3 on hold for Orange Knowledge Programme scholarships


Below information we got from Nuffic, the Dutch non-profit organisation for internationalisation in education, who is running the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP). This information has impact for our upcoming courses:

  • Incubation and (broiler) parent stock management
  • Pig breeding and artificial insemination
  • Animal feed production
  • Product quality and food safety
  • Dairy farming and entrepreneurship

Newsletter Nuffic 18 august 2020 - “In our Programme Update of 5 June, we lastly reported on the temporary grant stop which was set in place in April by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - our partner and funder. Through this update, we would like to inform you that the publication of new calls will remain on hold for Q3 till further notice and zoom in on the practical consequences.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated to make some programme adjustments to create more focus and impact on the remaining programme period. We are in frequent and close contact with the ministry on the desired adjustments and the implications they might have on the Orange Knowledge Programme. The outcome of this process influences the upcoming calls, meaning that calls may or may not take place, or in an adapted way.

What does that mean for Q3?

  • Round 3 - Short Course scholarships - which usually opens in September for applicants remains closed for the moment. We are aware of the implications this situation entails and will prioritise this call after programme adaptations are clear. We trust that the full range of adaptations will become clear in the course of September.

Note: It is still possible to apply for these courses via the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP). The MSP programme is open to professionals who are nationals of – and living and working in one of the countries listed: Algeria – Egypt – Iran – Jordan – Lebanon – Libya – Morocco – Syria- Tunisia

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