Meet Erica Bouwman and Madelon de Kleer


Let us introduce Erica Bouwman and Madelon de Kleer. They used to be colleagues at PTC+, nowadays Aeres TCI, before they started their own company support2holland 10 years ago. Since 6 years support2holland helps us in the registration process of our international scholarships. “Being involved with many nationalities and cultures is for us a source of inspiration. Every student has his/her own motivation and a unique story to come to the Netherlands to increase their knowledge. The process from application till the arrival of students gives us a lot of pleasure. Where possible we support students in their often long and sometimes complicated process”. Madelon: “Besides working in our company I walk daily with my dog Blix in the forests near my residence. As we had the chance to enlarge our garden, I have plans to start a vegetable garden this year. And almost every Summer you can find me with my husband in Sweden, a country which is my second homeland.” Erica: “In my leisure time I like to travel to countries far away with my husband. I regularly spent time in a gym and I love gardening and reading”.


Talent for growth