Press release new name PTC


Introducing Aeres Training Centre International

Barneveld, September, 2017 – PTC+ in the Netherlands will operate under a new name: Aeres Training Centre International. Now part of the Aeres Group – a versatile research institution in the green sector that provides regular education, applied research and innovation and commercial activities for individuals and businesses – Aeres Training Centre International gives specialized practical training in the agricultural sector through its expertise center for pigs, poultry and feed. In addition to regular trainings, programmes and courses are tailored to meet the needs of the students, at the training site in Barneveld as well as “in company”.

Leading and international

The commitment and quality of our employees make Aeres Training Centre International a leading programme and training center, both nationally and internationally. Under the PTC+ Programmes, Aeres Training Centre International offers expert trainings that are dedicated to dairy farming, pigs, poultry and feed. A program that is recognized by the Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP). Would-be students from many developing countries who wish to participate in these programs and trainings may qualify for scholarships. The NFP aims to support capacity building in societies of developing countries through training and education, and is paid for with Dutch development money under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This financial support is executed by Nuffic, the Dutch organization for cooperation in higher education.

Unique knowledge organization

Aeres Training Centre International is specialized in adult education practices in the livestock sector. "As the newest addition to the Aeres family, we aim to shift our boundaries, strengthen our offer and support our students better than ever before," says Bas Emmerik, Manager. To achieve this, Aeres Training Centre International has extensive facilities laid out across its 7.5-hectare campus. State-of-the-art facilities include the Poultry Innovation Lab and a dedicated feed mixing plant. 

The right direction

PTC+ has grown in recent years, and has now taken a new step forward. As Aeres Training Centre International, the institution has a closer cooperation within the Aeres family and can extend its knowledge base to garner further personal and professional growth and development.

Official recognition

The motto of Aeres Training Centre International is “learning by doing”. This motto is reflected in every training and programme, offering excellent and well-respected practical education to students near and far. All the Aeres Training Centre International programmes are conducted in English, with the hands-on training and supervision of experienced employees. 

About Aeres Training Centre International

For more than 40 years PTC+ has coupled training programmes and consultancy with well-respected implementation projects worldwide. Their regular training programmes have followed the internationally-recognized framework of the Netherlands Fellowship Programs (NFP) and, for short courses, the MENA Scholarship Program (MSP).
Continuing under the new name of Aeres Training Centre International, they offer a wide variety of programmes that focus on techniques for developing countries.

Talent for growth