Taking the next step, under the Aeres name


PTC+ will change its name to Aeres Training Centre International later this year in September. Now, in name, we are finally part of the Aeres family. The new website is a first step to grow within this new setting.

Aeres is the only “green” knowledge organization in the Netherlands, and offers a wide range of education, research, and activities in the fields of animals, animal welfare, botany, and our environment.

Being part of Aeres allows us to shift our boundaries and further strengthen and broaden our programs. From regular green courses to adult training. Young and old are welcome at Aeres. Knowledge from different departments and locations will be bundled.

What does our more in depth collaboration within the Aeres family mean for you? With Aeres we gain access to new knowledge and more extensive research. Access that will help us improve our courses and training programs. This will help us to support you in gaining knowledge as a professional. We are Aeres Training Centre International. The trainer in poultry, pig and feed. Learning by doing!

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Talent for growth