Update Covid-19 situation Aeres Training Centre International


Dear all,

We hope you are doing well despite the Covid-crisis that is increasingly impacting our daily lives.

The situation in the Netherlands is that all schools and many shops are closed. Many people work from home as much as possible and this also applies to our training centre. All our students went back home a couple of weeks ago, except for one person who unfortunately cannot travel back to his own country. Obviously, this is a very annoying situation for him.

Working from home gives a lot of limitations, but fortunately we also discover new possibilities. By now we are getting used to online meetings and we are also thinking about offering online courses in the form of webinars. Of course, these can never replace the practical lessons we offer, but it does give us the opportunity to stay in touch with the world and still share some knowledge.

Earlier this week we heard from our government that the lock-down in our country will in any case be extended until May 20th, although primary schools can start again from May 11th. This means that we don't know yet if we will be able to start our courses in August. We will have to wait and see how the situation develops and which guidelines will come to us from the government and from Nuffic.

Concerning the students who had to leave earlier, we are thinking how we can make sure that they can finish the training in a good way. Information about this will follow soon.
Up till now none of us has become sick through Covid and we hope the same applies to you and your families. We wish you a lot of courage in these uncertain times.
You can expect our next update after May 20th, when our government comes with new announcements. In case we have information earlier then you will of course hear from us.
We thank you very much for your involvement in Aeres TCI and we look forward to developing new activities for and with you in a Covid-free future.

Stay healthy and strong.

The staff of Aeres Training Centre International

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