Tell a friend campaign Aeres Training Centre International

All over the world people are looking for solutions to increase and improve their production. Aeres Training Centre International (former PTC+) wants to help those who want to develop the agricultural sector together with us.

As you have experienced yourself our poultry, pig and feed courses are very successful and have probably effected your business positively.

To get more self-funding students via our Alumni network we started a ‘Tell a friend’ campaign. Therefor we need your help as ambassador of our organization. This will not only be interesting for the contacts in your network, also it is very beneficial for you!


Because you have an extended network in the agricultural field we ask you to recruit commercial participants for our upcoming courses 2020-2021. As a token of gratitude we offer you appropriate remuneration.

For who?

This Tell a Friend campaign is exclusively for you, our current Aeres Training Centre International (former PTC+) participants and alumni.

Do you want to become a Tell a Friend Ambassador?

That’s great! All you have to do is to subscribe yourself for this campaign via this link. Fill in your contactdetails and let us know if you’re interested in our ‘sales toolbox’. We are happy to send you this package!

Once you have recruited new students you have to let us know the name of the participants and the course they want to attend. You can fill in this form. You can submit as many applicants if you want. It is important that the newly recruited student goes to our website and fills in the application form ‘own funding’. So make sure and monitor if needed that the students fills in this form.

What's in it for me?

If you recruit a new self-funding student you will get financially rewarded. The fees (on the right) will be granted for new privately funded students.


Remunerations for submitting privately funded students (USD):

  • 3-4 weeks course student: $ 200,-
  • 12-15 weeks course student: $ 500,-
  • 26 weeks course student: $ 750,-
  • 39 weeks course student: $ 1000,-

Procedure step by step

  • Enroll yourself as an Tell a Friend Ambassador
  • If you have recruited a self funding student(s) please fill in the form via this link
  • Once the student is officially enrolled, has paid the fees and is attending the course we will start the procedure of the remuneration. You will receive a document in which you have to fill in your bankaccount details and we will pay the remuneration.

We are looking forward to your help and hope to welcome a lot of new applicants!
The ATCI team in Barneveld


  • Financial reward only valid for all current Aeres Training Centre International (former PTC+) participants and alumni who bring in a new self supporting student, who is accepted, has paid his fees and is attending the course
  • Only valid for new self funding students (no scholarships)
  • Valid for all courses mentioned in the course overview 2020-2021
  • In case of cancellation of the course, for example when we don’t have enough students for a specific course, there will be no payment of the remuneration