Introduction to Poultry Health, Climate and Feed

Are you looking for both a theoretical as well as a practical poultry training to expand your knowledge? Join our Introduction into Poultry Health, Climate and Feed.

  • 2.995,-
  • 5
  • Deventer/Barneveld
  • Small groups

Topics like biosecurity, respiratory and intestinal health, pathology, feed formulation, poultry house climate will be covered. We work together with GD Animal Health. Their lectures, post mortem and case studies combined with our hands-on training makes this a complete program.

For whom

  • poultry veterinarians at the beginning of their career (1-4 years)
  • poultry farm managers
  • technical managers
  • other interested parties

This training will be conducted in English. Therefore good knowledge of the English language both written and oral is expected

Training date

The training will take place on 28 September - 2 October, 2020.


GD Animal Health (3 days)

  • Prevention, control and monitoring systems of listed poultry diseases
    Possibilities and consideratons in prevention and control and current status of listed diseases.
  • Biosecurity, cleaning, and disinfection
    General principles and considerations related to biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection of poultry farms.
  • Intestinal health
    General lecture on intestinal health and how it relates to production and disease in poultry.
  • Post Mortem and Sampling Techniques
    Practical training on how to perfom post mortem examination and how to take samples.
  • Immunology
    General lecture on the principles of the avian immune system and how it relates to therapy and prevention of disease.
  • Gumboro
    Lecture on infectious bursal disease (IBD or Gumboro)
  • Interpretation of laboratory results 
    Lecture on how to interpret results of different tests, like serology and molecular diagnostics.
  • Respiratory poultry diseases
    General lecture on how to recognize respiratory diseases, like Avian Influenza (AI) and Infectious Bronchitis (IB).
  • Coccidioses
    Lecture on coccidia, the problems they may cause and how to prevent or treat them with different coccidiostats or coccidiocids.
  • Cases
    Interactive session focused on a disease problem, consisting of analysis, interpretation and diagnosis and designing an action plan.
  • Laboratory tour
    A tour of the laboratory facility in Deventer.

Aeres Training Centre International: climate and feed (2 days)
A practical and theoretical session on climate and feed on poultry farms.


€2.995, including hotel stay, breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea, transfers between GD Animal Health and the hotel, transfer to Aeres (excluding VAT).


The training will take place at two locations:

Royal GD, Arnsbergstraat 7, 7400 AA Deventer, the Netherlands, 
Aeres Training Centre International, Barnseweg 3, 3771 RN Barneveld, the Netherlands.

Apply now! When you bring along a second person you get 25% discount*.

*Don't forget you both have to apply.