Outbreak managment

Online course Outbreak Management

Field of interest
Field of interest
5 weeks

Learn about the meaning, consequences and prevention of outbreak management in agricultural companies and the environment. The theory as well as the practical knowledge are implemented in this online course.

  • 1.950,-
  • 5 weeks
  • Online
  • Small groups

For whom

This internationally accepted programme is geared toward:

  • Farm managers in the field of poultry husbandry
  • Extension officiers
  • Relevant policy makers and other stakeholders

Training date

9 May - 17 June 2022; 10 online training days divided over 5 weeks


These training themes are included throughout this programme:

Theoretic knowledge concerning outbreak management.

  • Which diseases are important in relation to outbreak management.
  • What ways do infectious diseases spread.
  • Basic rules of hygiene:
    What are those rules (and why).
    Correct method for washing hands, disinfection, shower and changing into appropriate and clean clothes.
  • To design and correctly implement a hygienic sluice in a farm.
  • Which products can be used and the correct way of using disinfection products.
  • How to develop a protocol and how to implement it in a company/organization.
  • Determining the effect of an outbreak (a zoonosis) on human and animal health and economic consequences

Practical knowledge concerning outbreak management:

  • Developing your own biosecurity system in an agricultural environment.
  • Develop a protocol and implementation in a company/organization.
  • What way to educate co-workers and implement the system in your business.
  • Correct use of disinfectants.
  • Disinfecting animal housing systems.

Education method:

Distance learning: case study, individual and group assignment, presentation, lecture, self-study, design project, practicum.


The main subject of this course is outbreak management. Causes and consequences will be discussed, as well as prevention. In this training we focus on theoretical aspects as well as practical aspects of outbreak management in agricultural companies and the environment. Theoretic knowledge concerning outbreak management, like: which diseases are important in relation to outbreak management, basic rules of hygiene, how to develop and implement a protocol; effects of an outbreak. Practical knowledge concerning outbreak management, like developing your own biosecurity system in an agricultural environment, excursions, correct use of disinfectants and disinfecting animal housing systems.

Application deadline

For this online course are full MSP scholarships available (MENA Scholarship programme). Deadline for this scholarship is 3 October 2021.

Alternative funding: if you are applying with alternative (own) funding you can apply op to 1 month prior to the start of the programme.