Pig farm manager 2023

Field of interest
3 weeks

Learn how to calculate cost price, analyze a pig enterprise, make an investment plan, and design and implement health control and biosecurity with the study "Pig farm manager".

  • 2.875,-
  • 3 weeks
  • Barneveld
  • Small groups

For whom

The pig farm manager study is for:

  • managers
  • extension officers
  • teachers and instructors in the field of pig production

Training date

6 February 2023 – 24 February 2023


These training themes are included throughout this programme:

  • orienting on market possibilties and developments
  • making a business plan

Application deadline

Scholarship: apply before 15 June 2022 if you want to take part in this course with a scholarship(OKP).

Alternative funding: if you are applying with alternative (own) funding you can apply up to 2 months prior to the start of the programme.