Pig production technology

Field of interest
4 weeks

Learn how to research and contact local pig husbandry equipment suppliers, and to create an implementation plan with economic and social aspects with the study "Pig production technology".

  • 4.180,-
  • 4 weeks
  • Barneveld
  • Small groups

For whom

The pig farm manager study is for:

  • managers in the field of pig production
  • pig production extension officers
  • teachers and instructors


These training themes are included throughout this programme:

  • building construction
  • housing systems for sows, boars, piglets, weaners
  • fatteners, and gilts
  • feeding and drinking systems
  • farrowing pens
  • building insulation
  • climate standards
  • ventilation capacity
  • ventilation systems
  • heating and cooling systems
  • climate control equipment


This study teaches you not only how to analyze the current situation and introduce technology, it teaches you how to find balance between advanced and existing systems. You learn how to research and contact local suppliers about pig husbandry equipment, and to prepare an implementation plan that includes possible economic and social aspects.