Poultry farm manager

Field of interest
3 weeks

Learn how to calculate cost price, analyze a poultry enterprise, make an investment plan, and design and implement health control and biosecurity with the study "Poultry farm manager".

  • 4.180,-
  • 3 weeks
  • Barneveld
  • Small groups

For whom

The poultry farm manager study is for:

  • managers
  • extension officers
  • teachers and instructors in the field of poultry production


These training themes are included throughout this programme:

  • orienting on market possibilties and developments
  • making a business plan


This study teaches you how to care for the animals and their environment, so that they can produce under the best conditions possible. You learn how to propose improvements to local management, clearly and with confidence. You also learn how to handle primary livestock products, take care of the poultry housing and environment to reduce any threat of infection, and analyze farm results so you can report to management about making the farm and its production more efficient – both technically and economically.