Product Quality, Food Safety & Outbreak Management 2024

Field of interest
7 weeks

Learn how to assess the relationship between production methods and meat quality, and how to dissect a carcass to understand conservation and preservation methods with the study Product quality and food safety for animal feed. In the Outbreak part of this course you will learn about the meaning, consequences and prevention of outbreak management in poultry housing and the environment. The theory as well as the practical knowledge are implemented during this course

  • 7.340,-
  • 7 weeks
  • Barneveld
  • Small groups

For whom

This study is for:

  • extension officers
  • teachers and instructors in the field of animal production
  • relevant policy makers and other stakeholders.

Training date

26 Februari 2024 – 28 March 2024


These training themes are included throughout this programme:

  • assessing quality and safety deviations
  • communicating to farm workers/managers and stakeholders
  • advising on prevention of product deviations


The study "Product Quality, Food Safety & Outbreak Management" teaches you how to explain the concept of quality assurance programmes, analyze the local situation, and propose a new feed safety program approach. You learn how to assess the relationship between production methods and meat quality and process poultry, under decent hygienic conditions. And how to dissect a poultry and pig carcass to understand meat conservation and preservation methods. You can perform an Ante Mortem check during the production phase to discover major carcass abnormalities, and why a carcass is rejected. With your newly developed competencies, you return to your home country a confident and well-trained professional.

Application deadline

Scholarship: Closed

Alternative funding: if you are applying with alternative (own) funding you can apply up to 2 months prior to the start of the programme.