Aeres Training Centre International offers comprehensive education that focusses on the student.

Practical approach

Our practical approach to training gives our students the opportunity of trying things out for themselves in real-life working environments, so by experience. We coach at a wide variety of functioning facilities, such as the poultry innovation lab, pigs guesthouses and our own feedmill on the campus in Barneveld. We combine hands-on training with solid theory. You develop your practical skills, and strengthen your communication, presentation and writing skills. Practical training sessions, special assignments, demonstrations, and excursions are just a sampling of what we offer you.

You gain experience in our sustainable and state-of-the-art facilities; green houses, livestock units,processing plants, laboratories, hatchery, and feed mill. Our goal is to teach you how to be successful in your chosen field. And how to apply what you have learned in your homecountry and beyond.

Trainers of Aeres Training Centre International

Our trainers take various learning styles into account, encouraging and guiding students to optimally develop their competences, in line with the needs of the labour market in their home country. Groups are kept small, so there is enough space for personal attention. Future employers, business and public sector, are close involved in the educational process, and ICT is used, also check our e-learning possibilities. In addition to the international programmes and courses, Aeres Training Centre International develops and conducts tailor-made training courses in countries all over the world.

Trainer Helmich van Rees

Every trainer at Aeres Training Centre International is involved with his students”, says Helmich. “There is no other way; to be a good teacher you have to be involved. Without involvement a teacher can never have people be acquainted with his passion.