What can Aeres Training Centre International offer you?

Aeres is the only “green” knowledge organization in the Netherlands. They offer a wide range of education, research and activities in the fields of animals, animal welfare, botany and our environment. Aeres TCI extends this statement by offering practical education in a real life context; Learning by doing. 

Our trainingprogrammes and courses offer you excellent and practical education in different durations that you can apply right away in your future or current workplace. All our programmes are carried out in English, with hands-on training from experienced staff.

Learning Facilities

To create a real life business context, Aeres TCI offers rich and authentic learning facilities which support the unique education concept, learning by doing. The facilities on the campus in Barneveld consist of:

  • Poultry Innovation Lab
  • Feed Mill
  • Veterinary training centre
  • Laboratories
  • In situations where there is a need for additional business context for different expertise areas, Aeres TCI uses host companies. 

Why Aeres TCI?

  • Practical training in effective groups with personal attention
  • Learning by doing 
  • Custom made approach
  • World leading experts on poultry, pigs and feed in training and education
  • Over 50 years of international experience
  • As part of Aeres we offer all levels of education
  • Officially Recognized by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic affairs.