Aeres Training Centre International

 Welcome to Aeres Training Centre International! We are a specialized training centre focused on providing education and hands-on experience in various aspects of livestock farming and compound feed production. Our expert instructors have years of industry experience and are eager to share their knowledge with you. We offer a wide range of courses and training programs, including poultry-, pig-, cattle farming, insect breeding, and feed production. Each program is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that covers all aspects of the subject matter. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of our participants and other clients.

Why Aeres Training Centre International

  • Expertise in animal husbandry, feed production and insect breeding
  • Practical and interactive approach
  • Over 50 years of international experience

Below you can find our expertise areasĀ 

Our projects world wide

The way to a better place, is by learning each other how to envolve, create solutions not only with expansive equipment, but with knoledge of the animals, the feed and the environment. Educate others in my community gave me the possiblity to give a perspective to the future and feed there childeren and families. Thanks!

Jan Vogel