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Aeres Training Centre International

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Welcome to Aeres Training Centre International. We offer extensive practical training and more. Using our branded PTC+programme, it is our goal to help you prepare for today’s poultry, pigs, and feed industry. We do that through the innovative and international programmes we offer in Barneveld in the Netherlands.

Why Aeres TCI?

  • World's leading expert on poultry, pigs and feed in training and education
  • Practical training in effective groups with personal attention
  • Over 50 years of international experience

Global challenges

The world today is facing food security and safety issues. Professionals all over the world want solutions to increase and improve their production. Aeres Training Centre International consist of the expertise fields, pigs, poultry and feed. We offer courses, consultancy and development projects for companies, government and individual professionals all over the world. With us you gain required knowledge and skills which can be used directly in your work. In our magazine you can read all about experiences from alumni and different background information about your sector.

PTC+ Programmes

Our motto is learning by doing. Aeres Training Centre International is a leading international training centre with several training sites in the Netherlands. Our trainingprogrammes offer you excellent and practical education that you can apply right away in your future or current workplace. All our programmes are carried out in English, with hands-on training from experienced staff. What is more, Aeres Training Centre International offers you courses and modules that are recognized officially by the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs and beyond.