The poultry sector is the fastest growing agricultural sub-sector. Population growth, higher income levels, and urbanization will contribute to the growth of the sector in the future. Poultry farming is an extremely complicated industry in itself as the poultry sector consists of many different levels of production, including feed factories, hatcheries, breeding farms, and processing plants.
At Aeres TCI all aspects of poultry farming are dealt with in a practical and interactive manner. Our courses are tailored to your wishes. Whether you are an individual learner signing up for one of our standard trainings or a company that wishes to organise a crash course for your employees. 

Poultry learning topics

  • Farm management
  • Housing and equipment
  • Health and disease
  • Data recording
  • Entrepreneurship

Layer farmer, Nigeria

”After the training I have improved my farm, this resulted in improved health, less mortality and an increased production.”, Gyenome

Poultry Tailor Made Training - Congo