Aeres Training Centre International offers consultancy services and implements projects in the fields of agricultural education and training, related to theinternational food business. Our partners are from the private sector, governmental organizations, and not-for profit, non-governmental organizations.What's more, our capacity-building programmes have a proven track record in Asia and Africa. Our consultancy skills have helped many different organisations achieve objectives ranging from improving productivity to developing whole new business plans.



Over the past decades we have implemented a range of educational development projects, with emphasis on the following areas:

  • Strengthening education and training through the introduction of student-centred didactical methods, including problem-based learning and competency-based education and training.
  • Curriculum development and train the trainer.
  • Hands-on education and training for the development of practical skills and knowledge throughout the value chain.
  • Entrepreneurship, business management and value chain management, including project management and business development.
  • Education management and institutional development for education and training institutions.

Our goal is to teach you how to be successful in your chosen field. And how to apply what you have learned in your home country and beyond.

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Several successful consultancy projects

Broiler Farm Management in West Java and Sulawesi, Indonesia

From January 2015 to January 2017, Aeres Training Centre International gave a series of targeted trainings about stall equipment, which included closed water and ventilation systems. We executed these trainings on behalf of the Indonesian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, and Larive (Food Tech Indonesia). In cooperation with van Eck Industrial hygiene, we taught open-house broiler farmers in West Java and Sulawesi how to expand on their activities and realize improved (financial) results. To strengthen our trainings, we developed the curriculum and poultry training programs, and consulted on the implementation of small-scale equipment. Key training elements included poultry house design, water supply, and ventilation. Next to that, we also taught the farmers about the applied management of flock monitoring and litter management.


Capacity Building in Animal Logistics of Poultry and Livestock, Indonesia

Aeres Training Centre International is involved in an on-going institutional development project for the Faculty of Animal Science at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia. We have undertaken this project on behalf of Nuffic, the Indonesian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Maastricht School of Management, and IPB University of Bangor. Started in November 2014, this project is scheduled to last until November 2018. Throughout this project, our goal is to develop gender sensitive education and training in poultry and livestock animal logistics, based on the current labor market needs. We carry out gender sensitive research in poultry and livestock animal logistics that is relevant to the needs of the sector, and we actively promote the importance of animal logistics in poultry and livestock. This promotion includes gender dimensions involving private and public stakeholders of the labor market and university alumni. To date, we have redefined and developed new curricula on animal logistics, based on labor market needs and the description of competences in cooperation with IPB Bogor. In addition, we have trained and educated the university faculty on updated animal logistics.


Food security, safety, and logistics in the poultry chain of Indonesia

The main goal of this project was to improve the efficiency of the Indonesian poultry chain from farm level to retail, especially in the West Java province. On behalf of the Indonesian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, WUR, and Larive International, Aeres Training Centre International undertook this project from 2013 to 2016. We taught project management, livestock training, project identification and development, and practical skills training. Next to that we also developed a stronger curriculum and TOT programs.