• Training Title: Poultry Tech Bangladesh
  • CliĆ«nt: AFBAB & Kazi Farms
  • Duration: March '22
  • Training days: 12 days

Description of the training

Capacity building to improve Food security and Livelihoods in Somalia. Capacity was build in poultry and feed production, entrepreneurship and climate smart farming.

Type of activities carried out:
6 trainings were given, partly on-line (Corona) in poultry and and feed production, training material development to train Somalian participants.
Mini classes  given for training experience

Aeres Training Centre International regularly works with Dutch and international companies in developing projects in Asian and African countries. In Bangladesh, we were involved in training employees of two local companies: AFTAB and KAZI. This training was part of a larger project that also included the construction of two new poultry houses: one for laying hens and one for broiler chickens. The training was given online and on-location in Bangladesh. Through this training the employees were prepared for the management of these houses, covering all relevant aspects: housing, climate, data recording and analysis, and so on.

This project was co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the RVO Impact programme.