• Training Title: Creating opportunities for females through sustainable and planet friendly insect farming
  • Cliënt: Red Sea University in Solmalia
  • Duration: June '22
  • Training days: 10 days

Description of the training

Training of female teachers, trainers and extension workers on insect breeding (for animal feed) and entrepreneurship

Type of activities carried out:


  • Practical training
  • Groupwork
  • Theory classes
  • Excursions to relevant companies
  • Presentations
In June ‘22 we gave a ten-day training on insect breeding and entrepreneurship to female Somali teachers, trainers and extension workers. Insect farming has become a hot topic. Global population growth, an increasing demand for animal products and scarcity of conventional feed ingredients drive the search for alternative protein sources for animal feed.
Extensive research shows that insects provide good opportunities as a sustainable, high quality and low-cost component of animal feed. Inclusive business models involving insects as ingredients in feed will contribute to solving socio-economic and environmental problems in developing countries.
It was great to share this information with our Somali trainees. The training was given at Piloki Farm in Kenya.

This project was financed by the Nuffic OKP program.