• Training Title: Strengthening capacities of trainers in poultry management and nutrition
  • Cliënt: Institut de Formation en Développement Rural (IFODER), Bagrépole, Burkina Faso
  • Duration: Okt '21
  • Training days: 10 days

Description of the training

Training of 24 trainers, teachers and farmers in a ten-day course on poultry production combined with the development of training skills.

Type of activities carried out:

  • Interactive lessons in the classroom
  • Visits to poultry farms
  • Presentations by participants

In October ’21 we gave a ten-day training in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.

This training was on egg and meat production and was given by Aeres TCI two trainers, supported by a local trainer. During this training we followed our blended-learning approach. This involved short interactive lectures, followed by practical assignments. We made frequent use of the practical poultry handbooks that all participants had received and our e-learning materials. Of course, field visits were also part of the program. Besides paying attention to poultry management, we trained soft skills which we consider essential for passing on knowledge to others.

This project was financed by the Nuffic OKP program.