When you travel to the Netherlands to come and study with us, there will be certain expenses. You can find out more about the amounts on this page.

Overview of (estimated) expenses


Description of costs

Costs per month in  €


Tuition Fee

Vary per course1)

Does not apply to OKP/MSP 2) students; tuition fee is included in the fellowship


€400 - €500

Does not apply to OKP/MSP students; accommodation is provided and paid for in the fellowship

Mobility (public transport)

60 - €100

Shared free use of bicycles will be provided by Aeres TCI

Costs of living: food, personal care, etc.

450 - €600

An allowance will be paid to cover these costs, only for OKP/MSP

Excursions and other personal expenses

p.m. 3)


Medical health insurance (obligatory for participants from Non-EU countries)


Does not apply to OKP/MSP students; insurance is included in the fellowship.

Costs for European students depend on the type of insurance

Visa 4)

€60 - €80

Does not apply to:

- OKP/MSP students; visa costs are included in the fellowship of longer than 3 months though partly covered in fellowships of 3 months

- Students from Schengen countries

Airline ticket or bus/train ticket

p.m. 3)

Does not apply to OKP/MSP students; airline ticket is included in the fellowship. Bus and train costs in the Netherlands are not covered in the OKP/MSP fellowship.

 1) Fees are mentioned under ‘general information’ per course on the website

2) OKP = Orange Knowledge Programme and MSP = MENA Scholarship Programme (fellowship programmes)

3)  No definite answer possible (p.m. = pro memorie)

4)  https://ind.nl/en/study/Pages/study-at-university.aspx